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Video is King; Time To Step Up Your Game

Video today is becoming the benchmark of social media content. Just scroll through your Facebook or Instagram News Feeds and take a look. Instagram is reporting 250 million daily active users on their story application and Snapchat is reporting 200 million daily users… Both containing mainly video content. Vlogging is also rising tremendously in popularity. The point being that it is apparent that people are enjoying video more and you should pay attention.

In today’s world, we are seeing festival goers planning trips across the world because of a properly done aftermovies and other captivating online videos. But in order for your video to be successful, you must create something that connects directly with your fans. Combining a catchy song with some artist and crowd shots is no longer enough . Now festivals are creating complete video experiences. Video experiences that are making people realize their festival is going to be an unforgettable experience. Taking fans from clicking play to your ticket page.

Now don’t get us wrong, in order to get amazing content you must have an amazing event… But a properly made video or aftermovie combined with professional social media marketing will not only increase ticket sales but could quite possibly launch your festival into a national or international market.

Check out some videos below that are successfully and creatively connecting with their target audience. These are in no particular order.