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A Basic Overview of Snapchat at Your Events!

Snapchat seems to slip through the cracks when it comes to event marketing and it doesn’t make ANY sense to us at Jackalope. They have recently reported 200 million active monthly users (that is double LinkedIn). 71% of users being under the age of 25 and 71% of users being women. Well what about the men you ask?

We will leave that to the women 😉

Ok, so what is Snapchat exactly…in short, it is a virtual way to share live experiences through video, photo and text. When a user sends a live experience to someone they can put a time limit on the sent media so you better be paying attention to what you are receiving. Snapchats story feature allows users to share their live experiences with everyone who follows them, the media will only stay up for 24hrs.

Why is Snapchat so perfect for events? Because it is LIVE! Snapchats are sent just like a text message. But instead of a text message you are seeing a live video of your friend jumping up and down, screaming with a smile a mile long. If there is anything that is going to get me to change my plans…that’d be it. Let’s do a quick side by side comparison

Alright, you have created an account just like anyone else. Let’s tell your fans. Push out your username on your other social media accounts to get a kick start of followers. Snapchat also creates a QR code for each user which you can post on your other socials. This will allow fans to scan or screenshot the code which will automatically add you to their contacts. The QR code is also branded over Snapchats logo. This is commonly put in profile pics on other socials…your Snapchat users will know what you are posting, don’t worry.

Now let’s talk content. Snapchat is a much more personal app than Facebook or Twitter so remember to keep your content REAL. Although a few professionally done posts once in a while are fine, the majority of your followers are going to be interested in live footage. Get creative and give your fans an unedited, authentic look behind the scenes! In order to be successful on this platform, we suggest you put your penny counting, corporate marketing %#@ in the back seat and don’t take yourself so seriously…seriously.

Lastly, geofilters are another great way to market your “brand”. A geofilter is an illustration that only appears available to users who are in a specific geographical location during a certain time. There is a couple reasons this is great. Those at your event can use this geofilter to put on their sent media… Which means you have just branded a personal message, Woah. It is also not uncommon for Snapchat users to swipe through filters and randomly come across yours. This means if someone is not at your event, but they are close by, they may come across a geofilter that says “YOUR Music Festival”. Cue the Google Search and boom…ticket sold. In order to set up a Snapchat geofilter you can do it yourself right here

There you have it, a very basic guide to starting your voyage in Snapchat, but the best way to learn is to just get started. You won’t have any followers initially so post away and experiment before you go public.

If you are looking to engage a younger audience, Snapchat is a music festivals dream come true. BUT, if this is all a bit too much to take on, we understand. The solution to that…hire us.